Hydretain Granular OC

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The same properties of the liquid Hydretain ES Plus, with the convenience of the biodegradable and eco-friendly granules. Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC is a moisture manager in its dry version, that was designed to reduce watering needs for your lawn and garden, including your trees. That means, you don’t need to water that often, which is crucial when there are water restrictions, or when you leave home for several days and your plants and lawn are unattended.

During warmer months, Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC helps your outdoor plants and lawn to survive with a lot less water by maintaining the roots humected for longer periods of time. A must have among your gardening supplies for the hot seasons!

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Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC puts the power of Hydretain ES Plus in an easy to spread environmentally friendly granule that is convenient for dry spreader applications where liquid applications are impractical or labor intensive.

Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC uses a rapidly releasing. biodegradable organic compost carrier to deliver the Hydretain ES Plus technology for all types of gardening applications.

Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC is easily applied to localized dry spots, flower beds, around shrubs, trees and containerized plants as well as for residential lawns.

For use on all types of plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetable gardens.

Hydretain ES Plus will help plants survive periods of low moisture by capturing and converting free water molecules into micro-droplets of water and making them available to plant roots.

Application prior to plant stress is recommended for optimum plant protection; however, Hydretain ES Plus can be used anytime during the plants’ life cycle.

Applications performed at the time of planting, seeding, sodding or transplanting will also improve plant establishment. For best results: Irrigation immediately after application is recommended, however, within 3-5 days is acceptable.

When watering in, it is imperative to irrigate thoroughly, allowing Hydretain ES Plus to completely penetrate and saturate the root zone.

This product will not become functional until it is properly watered in. To prevent mower pick-up, delay mowing until product has been watered in by irrigation or rainfall. Water thoroughly when re­ watering Hydretain ES Plus treated plants.

For continued effectiveness, reapply every three months or every six weeks at a 112 rate (after the initial full rate application). Additional applications may be required as the necessity for more frequent irrigation increases. Reapply Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC if reduction in watering is not apparent within the first two weeks. A proper fertilization program will enhance the activity of Hydretain ES Plus.

Turf: Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC can be applied to established turf, or at the time of seeding, sodding, or sprigging. The recommended application rate of Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC is 120 pounds per acre (2.7 Lbs. per 1,000 square feet). Repeat every 3 months or as needed. For greater efficiency or exceptionally difficult soils, re-apply at a 1/2 rate every six weeks following the initial full rate application.

Larger Plants and Gardens (where plants are planted close together): Apply Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC at a rate of 1 pound for each 100 square feet of planter bed. Apply topically for existing beds. For new plantings Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC may be mixed into soil prior to planting or spread topically after planting.

Shrubs, Individual Plants, Potted or Containerized Plants: Apply at a rate of 1 pound for each cubic foot of planting media either topically or mixed into planting media at time of planting.

Trees: Apply Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC at a rate of 1.5 to 2 pounds for each caliper inch. Apply evenly from the base of the tree just past the drip line for existing trees. Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC may be mixed with the planting media for transplanting trees or applied topically after planting and watered in.

Application Equipment and lnstructions: “lmportant – These settings are only approximate. Age, condition of spreader, and operator speed can cause wide variation.

Be sure to calibrate your spreader with each application.

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